Live Streaming FAQs

Service overview

What is Live Streaming?

Live Streaming provides real-time access to live broadcasts over the Internet. The service gives you a chance to watch live football matches in the comfort of your home or office.  All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

This service enables users to enjoy the following streams, for which Cytavision has obtained the transmission rights:

  • Live broadcasts of Cyprus and International football matches.
  • Replays of matches.
  • Highlights of matches.
Who can access the Live Streaming service?
Our service can be accessed from any PC or laptop with an active Internet connection at home or in the office anywhere in the world.
How does pay-per-view work?

To buy the game of your choice, click on "buy". In order to proceed with payment, provide your e-mail address, accept the Terms and Conditions and click on “buy”.

During the payment process, you will need to provide your credit card information. Once you have paid and have successfully completing your purchase, you will be given an access code in order to access the game. Your access code will appear on the screen of your computer and will also be emailed to you.

To watch the game you have bought, simply click on "watch" and enter your access code.

Live streaming begins twenty minutes before the start of a game.

How many times can I use the access code I receive?
  • You can use your access code only once.
  • If for any reason you need to restart your PC or reconnect you don't need to login using your access code again.
  • If you try to use the access code from another PC, it will not work.
Can I use my access code to watch any game?
Each access code is valid for one specific match.
Why doesn’t my access code work, or what if I forgot my access code?
If your access code does not work or you have lost your access code, you may call our Cytanet Call Center at +357 22880200 (with charge) or send an e-mail to
Can I buy a match in advance?
On the home page of the Cytanet Live Streaming Site you will find the schedule of all the available games which is updated several days before the actual games, so you can buy in advance the game you are interested in. Access codes are available a week before a game.

You can also buy a match at any time during the match itself.
Are all live matches available for replay?
All live matches are available by Cytanet Live Streaming for full replay, after conclusion.
When are the recorded maches (replays) available for view?
The recorded matches are available for view approximately ninety minutes after the end of the live broadcast, for a period of one week.
How long is my access code for a Replay match valid for?
Your access code will be valid for 24 hours. This 24-hour period starts when you watch a replay match for the first time.
Is the service available in Cyprus and abroad?
The service is available to customers in Cyprus and abroad.
Why do you need my email address?
We use your email address to send you your access code and to be able to contact you in case of any problem with the service. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.
How can I check the quality of the streamed broadcast?
You can watch our free demonstration video to see the streaming quality.


How much does it cost?
What forms of payment do you accept?
You can pay using VISA or MasterCard.
Is my credit card information secure?
You can be sure that your credit card information is secure. Cyta uses JCC Payment Systems Ltd which provides secure service to millions of cardholders around the world.
How will the debit appear on my card?
The debit will appear on your card as: "Cyta - Live Streaming".
Is VAT charged to non EU customers?
VAT will not be charged to non-EU customers.
What can I do if my credit card is declined and I think its a mistake?
Credit cards are declined due to a few possible reasons. For international cardholders, the declines are often due to problems matching up international addresses with credit card billing records. Check all info again: the credit card number, the expiration date, the security code (3-digit card code). We suggest that you try to enter the credit card information again exactly as it appears on your credit card bill or try to use another card if possible.

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you further with this if the system does not approve your purchase and suggest you contact the card issuer for further details.
What if I want a refund for a Live match?
Refund policies form part of the 'Terms & Conditions' and refund requests will have to meet the necessary conditions. Requests should be submitted and we will respond to them as soon as we can.

Technical Requirements

Which Internet browsers support Live Streaming?
Internet Explorer 8 or a later version, Firefox and Google Chrome with the add-on Flash Plugin, version 10.1 or later. We recommend that you use the latest version of these browsers with all their security updates.
What are the minimum system requirements for Live Streaming?

The minimum system requirements are:

  • Any operating system with a browser as referred to in the previous Question.
  • Fast broadband Internet access (minimum speed 300kbps).
  • You should temporarily deactivate applications such as firewalls or popup blockers which may cause problems with the service.
  • JavaScript must be activated on your Internet browser.

You can test your system here.

What version of Flash Player do I need?

You can use Flash Player 10.1 or a later version. We recommend that you install the latest version.

To find out which version of Flash Player is installed on your computer, visit the website

Are the Macintosh or Linux operating systems supported?
Yes. Please see the answer to Question 'What are the minimum system requirements for Live Streaming?'
Can I use other applications such as Quicktime or Windows Media Player to watch a game?
The Live Streaming service is based on Flash technology so Quicktime, Windows Media Player or other similar applications cannot be used.
How do I obtain DRM (Digital Rights Management) user licences in order to watch Live Streaming content?
Access rights are obtained automatically.
How can I be sure that I can use Live streaming?
Please try to watch the demo video on the Homepage. If you can watch it, you can watch other Live Streaming content. If you have any problem, please refer to the note below to resolve it. If the problem persists, please contact us.
Can I use my existing dial-up connection?
No. Dial-Up connections are slow and therefore unsuitable for watching streaming video.
What is DRM and what are multimedia usage rights?
DRM is the acronym for Digital Rights Management, a technology used by content providers to protect multimedia archives (e.g. music and video archives). To use a protected archive, the content provider must grant you multimedia usage rights.
Can I remove DRM from an archive?
No. Once DRM has been applied to an archive it cannot be removed.

Technical Troubleshooting

Why do I receive a message stating that the usage rights cannot be downloaded when I try to reproduce an archive?

There are many reasons why you cannot download usage rights, such as:

  • You are not connected to the Internet. Connect to the Internet and try again.
  • There is a problem with your Internet connection. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • You do not have a valid coupon for the specific game that you wish to watch.
  • There is a temporary problem with the Live Streaming service. Try again later.
  • The usage rights do not allow you to carry out the specific action.
  • You have not entered a valid coupon. Contact us for further assistance.
  • Live Streaming requires the latest version of Flash Player or some security component which is not installed on your computer. When prompted, accept to install the software.
Why is the video stream frequently interrupted?

There are many reasons why you'd see video buffering, most of which are specific to your PC / browser / network capacity.

Live Streaming requires a fast broadband Internet connection. It cannot operate with a Dial-Up connection. If you have a broadband connection, check the speed of your connection with the special Cytanet tool: If the connection speed is less that 300kbps, you may experience interruptions to the live stream. Please contact your Internet Service Provider.

There may be network congestion problems. Try closing all other open programmes.

Also try increasing your player's buffering setting and/or rebooting your computer.

Even though I have a fast broadband connection, why does the video transmission stop temporarily?
Most Live Streaming problems are 'last mile' problems. The 'last mile' is the portion of your Internet connection between your ISP and your home connection. The problems can range from fluctuations in the connection speed with your ISP to specific problems in your home computer environment. Such problems can have many different causes, some of which may not be obvious:
  • Make sure that no-one else is using the same Internet connection to download content when you are trying to watch a game.
  • Sometimes wireless connections in the home can cause problems. Try a wired connection.
  • Check that your Internet browser complies with the specifications described in this guide.
  • Try closing all e-mail, antivirus and anti-spam programmes. Such programs μαυ use all your computer's resources and block content during scanning of incoming traffic.
  • The problem may be due to network congestion (e.g. too many people using the network (LAN, ISP, broadband connection)). If you do not have an alternative way of connecting (e.g. through another ISP), there is no way of resolving the problem. Nonetheless, the situation is usually temporary. If the problem persists, contact your ISP and ask if there is anything it can do to help you out.
  • It is important to use an Online Virus Scanner (e.g. AVG, Panda, McAffee, Symantec, Sofos, Trend Micro, Karperssky, BitDefender, F-Secure, CA) to reduce the possibility of your computer being infected by a virus.

If the problem is present only during Live Streaming and not with other similar services (at the same time), contact us for further assistance.

The picture is working but there is no sound.

Please check the following:

  • Make sure that the volume levels of your speakers, computer and Flash Player are set high.
  • Make sure that you can obtain a demo sound on your computer (you can check this via the Control Panel in Windows). If you cannot obtain the specific sound, check that your speakers are connected.
  • Make sure that no other streaming application is running on your computer.
  • Try to update Flash Player.
There is sound but no picture. Why?
Your computer may not meet the minimum system requirements for the player. Please refer to the User Instructions to see if your system meets the minimum requirements.
I have a fast broadband Internet access. The image quality is not good. Why
Make sure the bandwidth is not consumed by another computer or program.

Video streaming requires a lot of processing power. Make sure that other programs are not running on your computer.

Make sure the antivirus program does not affect your computer.

Avoid full screen video steaming particularly with an old PC.
The match does not start. Instead it asks me to make ‘sign in’. What must I do?
This means that the digital rights management (DRM) has not been downloaded. Close your navigator, choose the match you want to watch and enter a valid access code. Each access code can be used only once at a PC.


What kind of support is available?

For any queries or immediate support please call:

From Cyprus: 8000 8080 (free)

From Abroad: +357 22880200
Note: Calls from abroad to this number are charged. Charges depend on the tariffs of the foreign network you have selected.

The Call Center is available to you Monday to Friday between 08:00 – 24:00 and on the Weekends between 10:00 – 24:00.

For general comments or more information please contact:

Fax: From Cyprus: 8000-8081 (free) / From Abroad: +357 22 701017 (with charge)