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Channels (Content)

How long can I have a movie at my disposal once I rent it? How many times can I watch it? Will I be able to have control over its flow?
Every film you rent is at your disposal for 24 hours, and you may watch it as many times as you like. You may also start the film (Play), stop the film (Stop), freeze the picture (Pause), go back (Rewind), go forward (Fast Forward).
What is the Electronic Program Guide?

The electronic TV guide offers you the capability to view, on your TV-screen, the daily programme carried by each channel.

Specifically, it includes the following information:

  • Channel name and number.
  • The daily programme of each channel.
  • Programme description.
  • The programme that follows the one you're watching while you're tuned in to that particular channel.
  • The programmes shown on the other channels, without needing to switch channels.
Can the access to channels and movies (e.g. adult channel) be restricted to certain members of the family? How can I ensure that the content is suitable for the viewer?
Once you subscribe to the service you will be given two access codes, a super user and a family user code. The super user will be able to give access to 7 more users, who will only be able to watch programs according to their age. Moreover, the super user will be able to check the accounts of all users e.g. he/she will be able to check the cost incurred due to movie rentals and takes actions accordingly. How it works.
Will I be able to subscribe to the Adult Channel at a later stage, after I have signed my original contract? How can I do this?
There are two ways to subscribe to Premium Channels and therefore adult channel.

a) By calling 132.
b) Directly from TV.