The Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition has celebrated its 13th edition on October 13th

The Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition has celebrated its 13th edition on October 13th

The Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition Kick- off weekend was held on May 22nd- May 24th. CyEC provided two extra Workshops on Financials and Guerilla Marketing. Sixteen teams submitted their ideas in the form of PowerPoint presentations.  The selection committee of CyEC 2015 evaluated all teams and invited them to present/defend their projects to the CYEC jury.

The award Ceremony took place at the Main Hall of the University of Cyprus. All participating teams were given booths and had the opportunity to present their Projects to the Public.

The CyEC Facts and Figures to-date were presented by the Professor Skevos Evripidou Co-chair of the Organizing committee.

The keynote Speech was delivered by the CyEC 2014 Alumni, Demetris Zamboglou Co-founder of StartBinaries. Demetris shared  his experience of starting up the company, spending the 1st year  in China and  moving on to a new merger with a Russian company and relocation to Russia.

The President of the Board of the University of Cyprus, Mr. Manthos Mavrommatis, presented the awards to the winners.
The First Prize winner was DermaTrack, which has developed a mobile App that allows the user to identify and investigate possible skin anomalies early and communicate with a specialist doctor. The image of the suspect mole is captured through the mobile camera, which is then analysed for early diagnosis through algorithmic comparisons.

The Second Prize winner was MakeTaxEasy. The team has developed a software tool that aims to make tax form sybmission easy by  replacing the cumbersome Online tax submission with a straight-forward online Q&A session (and no form-filling) that takes around 30 minutes to complete and provides instant feedback on the input process.

Third Prize winner was Socialytics, which developed a tool that aspires to be offer valuable services to companies on their presence in the social media world. It can: Analyze, Compare, Investigate, Benchmark a company’s social media presence against competitors.

Three teams received Honorary Mention:

  • Agri-Veritas aims is to combine tradition with modern technology in order to offer a complete package of products and services for Precision Agriculture.
  • FoodClub is developing certain features to revolutionize the Online Food Ordering Industry in Cyprus and potentially abroad.
  • StayInTrack develped a mobile app that helps patients taking psychotropic medication to adhere to their medication and be monitored by their doctors.