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Cyta 2Play Telephony and Internet


Provision of 2play product Telephony and Internet
Choose the new telephony and Internet offer and enjoy the services you trust with up to 19% discount on your monthly subscription. More information on the offer terms »

Customers who currently have fixed (analogue or broadband) telephony service and Internet Home product can choose to participate to this offer and reduce their subscription for 24 months.

Provision of Cyta 2play product with a 24month commitment of the following services

Telephony: Internet Home:   Monthly subscription 2play
from /month

  1. All prices include VAT.
  2. The present bundled products are designed for new or existing customers who have (a) Fixed telephony service (Analogue or Broadband) and (b) Internet Home product. These bundle products require a 24month commitment to the services.
  3. Applications for provisioning these bundled products will be accepted from 3rd of October, until the specific maximum number of applications set by Cyta, is received.
  4. The offer can not be applied in combination with any other offer with special charges or discount plans.

The bundle product includes:

  • Telephony
  • Internet Home

The existing Fixed Telephony customers can participate either with analogue telephony service or with broadband telephony service.

Broadband Telephony is a service that can be adapted to your personal communication needs. In particular, it expands your current telephony experience by offering you the following:

  • Up to four separate telephone numbers.
  • Free supplementary telephony services such as call forwarding, call hold, etc.
  • The option to manage online the service through My Cyta.
  • The ability to make video & voice calls via your computer using Tel OntheGo software.
  • The option of using different types of telephone devices such as:
    • analogue devices or DECT type telephones
    • IP videophones
    • a computer with a headset and camera for videocalls

The Analogue Telephony service provides one telephony number and free telephony facilities, such as call waiting, etc

The Internet Home service provides broadband access to the Internet for unlimited use and an always-on internet connection.

Additionally the following services & facilities are available to the customer:

  • Free modem with Wi-Fi and router functionalities.
  • Four free e-mail addresses.
  • Free provision of antivirus and antispam email protection.
  • Free provision of Safe Internet for protecting children from illegal, undesirable and harmful internet content.
  • Free administration of your services through My Cytanet Services.
  • Free provision of the Cytanet Wireless Zone service.
  • Free Technical Service and Customer Support via 8000-8080.