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Email My Cyta is the new Cyta unified account that consolidates all Cyta services (manage your bill, manage your mobile or order services online).

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CRM.COM by Cyta is designed to automate the whole range of customer relationship management, such as potential customers, order tracking, promotional campaign management or call center.

The software is special because of its ability to support internal procedures or procedures that include your collaborators, suppliers and resellers.

This solution can help you:

  • Automate and improve current selling procedures, customer service and marketing
  • Reduce expenses and time management via automated procedures
  • Personalize your relation with each customer
  • Manage your relation with your collaborators
  • Target effectively your advertising activities
  • Have complete control, utilizing human resources and allocating responsibilities

The solution is simple and easy to use, and also safe and powerful since it can manage your most demanding business procedures. Additionally, it is accessible anytime and from anywhere because it works over the internet.

Take advantage of CRM.COM possibilities without initial cost of purchase, customization and subsequently cost of operation, maintenance and upgrade in the company’s premises. Leave the operation, safety and management of the solution at Cyta datacenters, in the hands of the specialists, only by paying a low monthly subscription.


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  • Features
  • Support
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  • Improvement of the operating performance of your business via automation of the customer relationship procedures: sales, customer support, marketing and operation
  • Internet access from 3 different environments: agent, call center and self service
  • Activation of your collaborators and resellers via internet in order to serve your customers, sell products or allocate work
  • Simple, intuitive use
  • Easy customization
  • Low cost
Section / function Description
CRM.COM Software Core
Customer and Contact Management Keep your customers and collaborators data, define their relations and preferences and record the whole communication with them.
Customer Financials & Accounts Keep your customers financial details, create and maintain accounts, cards and cheques.
Customer Intelligence 360 information for your customers/collaborators with a touch of a button.
Product Management Manage any product, as complicated as it is, including multiple invoices. 
Assignment & Resource Management Assign tasks to users or teams, taking into account the current workload. 
Work Flow & Approvals Increase your operating performance by automating the sales procedures, service and function. It supports costing and problem escalation management.
Reporting Use hundreds of ready reports.
Access & Security Depict the structure of your company and define accesses. Define which user will support which customer. 

Sales & Marketing
Lead Management Create and check easily data for potential sales and enjoy the capabilities of categorization. 
Sales & Marketing Planning Create a marketing budget, set goals, sales strategy and identify how you want your sales to be processed.
Sales Force Automation Automate, manage and control the whole sales procedure and salesmen.
Sales Analysis Analyze and compare the results of the sales of your company.

After Sales Service
Service Planning Program the customer service strategy, define workflow and the priority rules and decide how you want the requests to be handled, eg for repairs. 
Service Requests Record, observe and handle service requests.
Repairs Handle product repairs, including refund requests and RMAs spare parts.
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Define and observe SLAs (Service Level Agreements). Apply their criteria (eg response time) to service/repairs requests.
Install Base Define and observe your current customer base, including serial no, locations and users. 
Service Analysis Analyze and compare the service performances.

Job Management
Jobs Automate the technical/professional services. Design, manage and control projects. Supports stages, resources, materials, quality control and pricing.

CRM.COM by Cyta, provides support to customers, which are bought as an 8 hour package. Support includes IT systems configuration, data management, creation of online reports, small amplifications/adjustments, development of interfaces etc. Support time does not have expiry date. As soon as it is used, the customer may renew his support time by buying another 8 hour package. When a customer asks for support, he contacts CRM.COM by telephone, fax or email and he is given a service ticket number for future reference.

In case a customer does not wish to buy the 8 hour support package, then he is offered free basic support via email in order to repair small problems, registration and login. If a customer requests this kind of support he should send an email to
Description Monthly price including VAT
5 users €47,60
6-10 users €9,52/per additional user
11-30 users €8,33/per additional user
31-50 users €5,95/per additional user
51+ users €3,57/per additional user

1. Monthly subscription – Basic charge

Monthly subscription for CRM.COM by Cyta, VAT included, is as follows:


CRM.COM by Cyta is offered free for the first month for testing.

CRM.COM by Cyta includes online basic support via email. Additionally, CRM.COM Software Ltd, offers, optionally and with extra charge, telephone support, training and software customization. If an organization is not interested in a special system customization for meeting its individual needs, then it can enjoy the basic service of CRM.COM by Cyta, only by paying the monthly subscription.  

2. Lump sum charge for software customization and training (optional)

CRM.COM Software Ltd can customize the software so that the system can be configured according to the individual needs of your business.

CRM.COM Software Ltd can also help with the right training and education of the employees in using the software.

The charge for customization services is defined after communicating with the customer and is based on the complication of the project. (eg number of business procedures which the customer wishes to automate).

The following rates are indicatively and do not include extra individual services like the creation of interfaces with other IT systems.

Software customization and Training:

  • Customer and contacts management: 4 days @ €595/per day (incl. VAT)
  • After Sale Service: 6 days @ €595/per day (incl. VAT)

3. Call Center Support charges (optional)

CRM.COM Software Ltd offers support, via a specialized support center, on issues such as software customization, data management, reports, small upgrades, interfaces etc. These services are charged as prepaid 8 hour packages at the price of €83,30 per hour (incl. VAT).


For more information you can contact your Business Consultant or call the Business Customer Service at 150.