The upgraded Voicemail facility provides you with 24 hours a day personal "mailbox" so that you do not miss any incoming calls and your callers are informed with the appropriate message, when you cannot answer your phone. Moreover, you have the option to receive your voice messages at your email address (Voice2Email), enabling you to see right away who called you from wherever you are and respond to urgent matters.

Description Charges Charging Period
Connection Fee Free of charge -
Subscription €1,19 Monthly
Activation €0,13090 Per use

1. Prices include VAT.
2. To listen to your messages, you will be charged at Cyta’s normal fixed telephony rate.


Every VoiceMail subscriber receives a voicebox number in 123ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧX format and a 4-digit PIN number where:

123 is the access code.
ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧX is your telephone number.
ΥΥΥΥ is your PIN number if you wish to hear your messages from another telephone.

To hear your messages from your fixed telephone:
Dial 1 2 3 followed by your telephone number ΧΧΧΧΧΧXX.

To hear your messages from another telephone:
Dial 1 2 3 followed by your telephone number ΧΧΧΧΧΧXX. As soon as you hear the welcome message, press # and then your four-digit PIN number ΥΥΥΥ.

If you are abroad, you need to call:

When there are new messages in your VoiceMail you will receive calls informing you of this on your fixed or mobile telephone or the paging device of your choice.

is available to all Cyta fixed telephony subscribers who submit an application.

Never miss an opportunity
With VoiceMail won’t miss a single call.

Let Cyta do the work
By having your own "answering machine" on 24 hours a day.

Don’t miss anyone
Stay in touch with everyone who calls you.

Combine facilities
You can forward calls to your voicebox.