Offers and Solutions for Retail Businesses

Cyta Business redefines the end-to-end customer journey to enable retailers to anticipate needs, adapt experiences and evolve in a demanding competitive environment. Become a connected, agile company and stay relevant to your customers as their needs change through innovative business telecom solutions.

Choose the solutions that best suit your business needs and benefit from the following:

1. Free Connection and 30% discount for three (3) months on new Fixed & Mobile Telephony and Internet connections,
Free subscription for three (3) months on Powersoft365 services,
3, Business Start plan for simultaneous Fixed Telephony and Internet connection, which includes:

  • Free Installation
  • Up to 25% discount on the monthly subscription * for Internet and Fixed Telephony services for 12 months
  • 15% discount on monthly subscription for up to 4 new RED & FREEDOM connections
  • 25% discount on monthly subscription for Powersoft365 services for 12 months
  • 1-month free subscription on Microsoft365 Business Standard service for up to 25 users.
    * Discount on monthly subscription does not apply for Business Telephony for PBX service.

Learn more about the solutions:

Internet Business

Internet Business & Internet Home services with extremely fast internet speeds and instant transfer of big data.


Freedom and RED for absolute freedom in your communication.

Basic Managed WiFi

Basic Managed WiFi solution at an economical price to offer your customers a reliable WiFi network at extremely fast speeds.


Cloud services, such as Powersoft365 and Cloud Servers, to take control of your business functions and improve productivity.

Business Start

Business Start plan to start or expand your business with flexible and cost-effective solutions.

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