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RED Business

RED Business. We are aleays there for you

With Cytamobile-Vodafone, your personnel and your associates can benefit from discounts on mobile phones, lower fixed charges and cheaper calls amongst themselves, more Mobile Internet, lower call charges when travelling abroad and even discounts on international calls.

  • RED - Business
  • MyGroup - Business
  • Discount Schemes
Plan Local
SIM only
SIM only
with Offer
with handset
with handset
with Offer
RED 1 100 100
€13,30 €10,64 from €15,40 from €13,12
€21,30 €18,64 from €23,40 from €21,12
RED 2 300 300
€19,95 €15,96 from €22,05 from €18,44
€25,95 €21,96 from €28,05 from €24,44
€31,95 €27,96 from €34,05 from €30,44
RED 3 600 Unlimited
€31,35 €25,08 from €36,45 from €30,56
€40,35 €34,08 €45,45 €39,56
€45,35 €39,08 from €50,45 from €44,56
RED 4 Unlimited Unlimited
€48,45 €38,76 from €53,55 from €44,24
€54,45 €44,76 from €59,55 from €50,24
€63,45 €53,76 €68,55 €59,24
Unlimited Intra-company Calls with €2 / month per mobile number
RED Business Saver
Scale (Total Monthly Subscriptions before VAT*) % Discount
€5 - €149,99 5%
€150 - €499,99 10%
€500 - €999,99 12%
€1000 + 15%

*The discount is calculated on the total subscriptions of

  • RED plans(except handset subscription)
  • Classic, Light & MakeYourOwn plans(except Handset subscription)
  • TALK, SMS & Mobile Internet packages
  • Vodafone Mobile Broadband (VMB) plans
  • Intra-company packages (BBT-Mobile)
  • Machine-to-Machine

Excludes subscriptions for Blackberry Service.

RED Business Saver automatically apply to the provision of the first RED Pay Monthly Plan.

Constant charge afterwards the exhaustion of available minutes, SMS, MB’s

Local Minutes €0,07 / minute
Local SMS €0,02 / SMS

Mobile Internet

Plan Total Volume Out of Bundle Charge
RED 1 100MB 50MB/€2,50
500MB 50MB/€2,50
RED 2 500MB 100MB/€5
1GB 256MB/€5
2GB 256MB/€5
RED 3 1GB 256MB/€5
2GB 512MB/€5
3GB 512MB/€5
RED 4 2GB 512MB/€5
3GB 512MB/€5
5GB 1024MB/€5

Minutes – Charging is per 15 seconds
SMS – Charging per message

What else:
Ιf you already have a pay monthly plan (Classic, Light, MakeYourOwn), you’re a soeasy pay as you go customer or you’re a new customer, the connection fee to RED plans is free of charge.

Customers with time commitment to other pay monthly plans can be transferred to RED.
Terms and conditions apply.

Since you’re talking, form a MyGroup-Business and pay less for your communications!

With MyGroup Business you can be in constant touch with all your company personnel and your associates and benefit from discounts on calls and text messages to one another.

Size of MyGroup-Business Discount
3-10 connections 12%
11-25 connections 15%
26-50 connections 20%

1. With the MakeYourOwn plan, the discount applies once the talk time/text messages in the TALK/SMS plan is used up (if the company number does not have an SMS package, the discount applies from the first text message).
2.Customers of the pay monthly RED plans can create or participate in groups but cannot benefit from the discounts.

Additionally, each member can choose a personal benefit, based on the service he/she uses most, for even lower charges!

Advantages for each separate connection!

Each corporate number can participate simultaneously in two MyGroup-Business groups.

Connection Charges

The new discount scheme is addressed to all new Cytamobile-Vodafone customers who are interested in mass pay monthly connections.

The discount scheme is:

Number of new connections Discount Percentage
(on the total for all new connections)
0-15 -
16-50 10%
51-150 20%
151+ 30%

The existing fee is €20,69 (incl. VAT) per connection. (The connection fee for RED plans is free of charge)

Conditions for the provision:

  • The discount scheme applies for new connections within the same month.
  • The discount schemes will be provided only if all the new pay monthly connections are became in same individual or Legal Entity.


For more information you can contact your Business Consultant or call the Business Customer Service at 150.