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Automatically answer and fast-route incoming calls to your company.

Description Charges Charging Period
Connection Fee € 31,05 Once Off
Subscription € 25,87 Monthly

Note: Prices include VAT.

With Interactive Voice Response (IVR) you provide to your customers and associates the flexibility to route their call to the department they wish to communicate with, at the press of a button:

  • Define a number, for example 22123456 where all the incoming calls to your company will be routed. This number is not connected to a specific handset.
  • The person who calls your company on that number will listen to a prerecorded message referring all the potential choices you have defined. For example: “Thank you for calling XXX, press 2 for sales, 3 for billing, 4 for technical support and 5 for the reception.
  • For every choice you can route incoming calls to: (1) fixed and mobile numbers, you can even route the calls numbers out of the company (2) to a Ring Group or a Queue according to time based criteria, (3) prerecorded messages, (4) an additional level of IVR introducing new choices to the caller.
  • For every possible option you have set you will have data regarding the distribution of the calls (answered, missed, total).
  • Set your company’s working hours so that customers or associates calling your company (at 22123456) when it is closed will listen to a prerecorded message prompting them to leave you a voicemail. You will receive that voicemail on your e-mail account.

With IVR facility you manage to:

Eliminate missed calls.

Defuse reception from dealing with the high volume of incoming calls.

Reduce the administrative cost of your company and make it more productive since your employees in reception avail to handle extra tasks.

Speed up your customers’ service time.

Tip to make your company big on a budget: Even if your business is small, you can create the image of a large company with multiple departments. Simply create selections on IVR that route to a single location.