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Love in 21

Νοιαζόμαστε για το περιβάλλον

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us but, as happens at every difficult moment, we hold on to what we have learned and move on with optimism for better times.

This year, starting 21 weeks before Christmas, Cyta shops across Cyprus are filling boxes with accessories at very low prices. Put your hand in the box and randomly pick an accessory for just €2 and we at Cyta, will use your purchase to support the work of the Neonatal Screening Programme of the Centre for Preventive Paediatrics, in the framework of our long-term support so that, every child may enjoy the right to communication.

About the Neonatal Hearing Screening Programme

The Neonatal Hearing Screening Programme is offered by the Centre for Preventive Paediatrics. The aim of the programme is the early detection of congenital hearing loss. Early diagnosis is crucial to the timely intervention and support so that infants with hearing loss at birth, develop speech and the ability to communicate as babies with unimpaired hearing do.

For more information about the Neonatal Hearing Screening Programme and the work of the Centre for Preventive Paediatrics, go to: