CEOMessage from the CEO

Dear customers, dear friends,

In this unprecedented and challenging situation, we are all experiencing difficult moments. Our routine has been disrupted. Uncertainty is growing. But these are times when, more than ever, the values of individual responsibility and social solidarity come to the fore. These are the most significant qualities to help us overcome the crisis.

Social distancing may force us apart, due to the extraordinary circumstances and the need to protect our health. But our contact, the communication that brings us together, becomes stronger.

This communication is what all of us at Cyta are striving to keep alive. We stand beside you, beside the State, beside the frontline health workers who are engaged in the hardest and biggest battle of all: the battle for life itself.

We are here, so that you can remain in touch with your families, your loved ones, your partners and customers.

We are here, participating with all our might in the joint effort to take back control of our lives as soon as possible.

We are here, for all of you.

Andreas Neocleous

Actively supporting the State

We contribute to the purchase of medical equipment and supplies by the Ministry of Health.

We have placed our expertise at the service of the State, including Ministries, the Ambulance Services, the 1420 service, the State Service Volunteers, in support of their efforts to safeguard the public health and keep the public informed.

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Supporting you, our customers

We have introduced a new range of facilities and additional benefits to safeguard the normality of your daily lives.

We are strengthening communication for individuals and businesses.

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Continuing to assist you safely

The Cyta Call Centre 132 for customers and the general public, as well as the Business Call Centre 150 remain at your service.

We can also respond to your needs via our online service channels.

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We care about your protection and the safe use of services

Safeguarding business continuity is our top priority.

Be informed of the basic rules we should all follow in order to keep our personal data safe.